Connecticut Insurance Department

Enforcement Actions

Listed below are enforcement actions taken by the Fraud & Investigations Unit against individual licensees and agencies. These include Producers, Bail Bond Agents, Adjusters and Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers. These are posted to our website after proceedings have concluded. This page lists enforcement actions over the last four years. For records older than 12/31/2013, please select Archive List option.

Enforcement Actions against companies are listed on the Market Conduct Examination Reports page.


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WILLIAM A BIESTEKRevocation2017-04-17Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
ISAIAH KOBE BURDENRevocation2017-04-17Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
TANISHA CHATFIELDRevocation2017-04-17Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
YALITSA CHANHOMRevocation2017-04-17Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
JENNIFER CHARLOTTE MONTESERINRevocation2017-04-17Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
RICHARD JAMES FORANRevocation2017-04-17Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
MARGARET ANN HANSENFine2017-04-17Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
Joshua MandelFine, Probation2017-03-31ProducerDisposition
Country-wide Insurance CompanyFine2017-03-31UnlicensedDisposition
Charles Henry WatsonFine2017-03-29Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
FODIMAN & FODIMAN BAIL BONDS LLCFine2017-03-21Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
MATTHEW PAUL MAUDSLEYRevocation2017-03-20ProducerDisposition
MICHAEL T THOMPSONFine2017-03-16ProducerDisposition
JHAMARI S COPENINGFine2017-03-16Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
MATTHEW C WOODARDFine2017-03-09ProducerDisposition
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