Connecticut Insurance Department

Enforcement Actions

Listed below are enforcement actions taken by the Fraud & Investigations Unit against individual licensees and agencies. These include Producers, Bail Bond Agents, Adjusters and Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers. These are posted to our website after proceedings have concluded. This page lists enforcement actions over the last four years. For records older than 12/31/2011, please select Archive List option.

Enforcement Actions against companies are listed on the Market Conduct Examination Reports page.


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Michael G GerglerFine, Probation2015-07-16ProducerDisposition
Terry J DimartinoFine2015-07-16ProducerDisposition
A GRETCHEN MAKOWICKIFine2015-06-15ProducerDisposition
Peter T SlavinFine2015-06-04ProducerDisposition
JASON BLANCOFine2015-05-14Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
DESIREE LATOYA DOTYRevocation2015-05-08Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
MICHAEL D REEKIERevocation2015-05-08Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
ANDREW DAVID ROMEGIALLI JRRevocation2015-05-08Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
MARILYN MARIA RAZEKRevocation2015-05-08Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
EDWARD JOHN O BRIENFine2015-05-06ProducerDisposition
Felix M Del Greco JrFine2015-04-27ProducerDisposition
Dennis F BertiFine2015-04-27ProducerDisposition
ANITA IRIS GREENRevocation2015-04-27Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
Sandra F JacksonRevocation2015-04-27Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
JOSHUA C MURRAYFine2015-04-24Surety Bail Bond AgentDisposition
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