Connecticut Insurance Department - Long Term Care Insurance Rate Filing

Welcome to the Connecticut Insurance Department’s Long Term Care Rate Filing section, a comprehensive site that lists all rate increase requests from insurance companies that serve policyholders in Connecticut and allows the public to formally comment on the record. The filings are listed by company name and types of policies within that company.

A concise summary for each request accompanies all data, actuarial tables and correspondence and includes:

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You can now access filings made for long-term care insurance offered by insurance companies in Connecticut. Choose individual or group insurance. The filings are listed by company name. Once you click on the company, all filings will be listed. When you click on a filing, you can view the complete rate filing, a summary of the filing, correspondence between the company and the Department, and the Department’s disposition of the filing if the review has been completed.

To Comment on a Specific Rate Filing:
  1. Select a company from the menu below
  2. Select a specific filing from that company’s list of filings

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SelectAmerican General Life Insurance Company6048825-0598210
SelectAmerican General Life Insurance Company of Delaware6684225-1118523
SelectBankers Life and Casualty Company6126336-0770740
SelectCMFG Life Insurance Company6262639-0230590
SelectContinental Casualty Company2044336-2114545
SelectContinental General Insurance Company7140447-0463747
SelectGenworth Life Insurance Company7002591-6027719
SelectJohn Alden Life Insurance Company6508041-0999752
SelectJohn Hancock Life Insurance Company (USA)6583801-0233346
SelectMedAmerica Insurance Company6951534-0977231
SelectMetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut8772606-0566090
SelectMetropolitan Life Insurance Company6597813-5581829
SelectMonumental Life Insurance Company6628152-0419790
SelectMutual of Omaha Insurance Company7141247-0246511
SelectNew York Life Insurance Company6691513-5582869
SelectPhysicians Mutual Insurance Company8057847-0270450
SelectProvident Life and Accident Insurance Company6819562-0331200
SelectPrudential Insurance Company of America6824122-1211670
SelectRiverSource Life Insurance Company6500541-0823832
SelectState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company2517837-0533100
SelectTeachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America6934513-1624203
SelectTIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company6014213-3917848
SelectTransamerica Life Insurance Company8623139-0989781
SelectUnion Security Insurance Company7040881-0170040
SelectUnited American Insurance Company9291673-1128555

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