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Health Insurance Rate Filing

Welcome to the Connecticut Insurance Department’s Rate Filing section, a comprehensive site that lists all rate increase requests from health insurance companies that serve policyholders in Connecticut and allows the public to formally comment on the record. The filings are listed by company name and types of policies within that company.

A concise summary for each request accompanies all data, actuarial tables and correspondence and includes:

  • The type of policy (individual, small employer 1-50 employees, large employer, more than 50 employees)
  • Number of policy holders potentially affected in Connecticut
  • The date of initial request
  • The company’s reason for raising rates
  • Dates that new rates, if approved, take effect
  • The deadline for public comment period for each filing

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You can now access filings made for major medical/comprehensive health insurance offered by insurance companies or health care centers (HMOs) in Connecticut. Choose individual or group insurance. The filings are listed by company name. Once you click on the company, all filings will be listed. When you click on a filing, you can view the complete rate filing, a summary of the filing labeled Appendix A, correspondence between the company and the Department, and the Department’s disposition of the filing if the review has been completed.

To Comment on a Specific Rate Filing:

  1. Select a company from the menu below
  2. Select a specific filing from that company’s list of filings
  3. OR click here for ALL CURRENT OPEN FILINGS

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Archives: 2015 health insurance rate requests/dispositions for 2016 plan year

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SelectConnecticut General Life Insurance Company6230806-0303370
SelectCeltic Insurance Company8079906-0641618
SelectAetna Insurance Company of Connecticut3615306-1286276
SelectAnthem Health Plans, Inc6021706-1475928
SelectConnectiCare Inc9567506-1537522
SelectConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc1120906-1618303
SelectAetna Life Insurance Company6005406-6033492
SelectAXA Equitable Life Insurance Company6294413-5570651
SelectUnitedHealthcare Insurance Company7941336-2739571
SelectGolden Rule Insurance Company6228637-6028756
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